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Studied Interaction Design and Visual Communication at The National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore, India.

2015 - Ongoing

Started The Design Cycle and built a range of products for the wearable market that explored unique relationships between real-world concepts and time visualisation. The Design Cycle is serving 200,000 users currently. 


Helped design a successful cloud kitchen based product called Kristy’s Kitchen which later got acquired by the umbrella and is currently known as


Designed multiple products for StayAbode, a co-living startup, including a resident mobile application, a website for discovery, an internal app for operations and a sophisticated backend dashboard.

2018 - 2021

Designed patient and doctor-interfacing mobile and web applications for PhableCare, a healthcare startup.

2019 - Ongoing

Working with NGOs–Parisar & SUM Net–on Air Quality and Sustainable Public Transport campaigns in visual design capacity.

2021 - Ongoing

Started working at Tarka Labs as a Senior Design Consultant.